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Twenty-Four Hours of Progress (Part I)

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Twenty-Four Hours of Progress (Part I)

Published 1950
Topics Oil industry

How the oil industry is central to the American economy.

Run time 13:30
Producer Film Counselors, Inc.
Sponsor American Petroleum Institute, Oil Industry Information Committee
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Title Card: "The Oil Industry Information Committee presents" over crashing waves.
Title Card: "24 Hours of Progress" over crashing waves.
VS rolling, crashing waves; LS white lighthouse atop rocks; waves crashing in FG.
LS open meadow with farm in distance; MS singular, mature tree; LS farm surrounded by open meadow; sheep grazing in meadow (farm in BG; large, mature tree in FG).
MS old, white farm-style church building, clock on steeple; building framed by trees.
Sailboat docked beside white building (white picket fence in FG).
MS 3-story, white house surrounded by trees and bushes.
CU garden sundial surrounded by white flowers; fade-in superimposed clock pendulum swinging back and forth.
MS water-powered mill turning beside building.
MS 'Century' corporate building (spouting water fountains in FG).
LS industrial plant surrounded by pipes belching white smoke (parking lot in FG).
LS open field meets sky; train enters frame belching black, sooty smoke.
Power lines surrounded by open field dotted with bushes (mountains in BG).
LS oil well (field of tall reeds in FG).
CU clock pendulum swinging back and forth against textured wall; pan up to bold numbered clock face at 12:00.
LS oil wells silhouetted against moody, night sky; VS oil derricks in silhouette.
Ambulance backs out of shadows to hospital entrance; 2 medics rush to open ambulance door and reach inside; pull woman out of ambulance and roll her on strecher; 3 medics lay woman down on a hospital bed; one medic takes her wrist.
CU man's forearm (wearing watch) reaches under white sheet; sheet pulls back revealing hand holding something.
Oil well silhouetted against night sky; dark clouds roll passed.
CU drilling rig on water at night (lighted doorway opening, steam rising beneath).

CU man wearing hard hat pours and sips cup of coffee; two men working in BG; dark night setting; CU 2 men wearing hard hats maneuvering large, swinging, metal machinery; kneeling man wearing hard hat watches large pressure gauges; MS 2 men wearing hard hats standing side by side in dark room looking down at something and talking; (bare lightbulbs above heads); CU man's hands washing metal tool under faucet; water splashes into mud flowing below; 2 men wearing hard hats in dark room; one man works with small piece of machinery as other man talks to him; CU small metal scale; man's hand balancing one end; 2 men wearing hard hats talking; one turns and walks up stairs o.s.; High angle men wearing hard hats rotating oil drill; CU oil drill rotating.
Int. hospital room, woman lays on table; doctor cuts her newborn's umbilical cord; doctor sits beside her, hands on her face; doctor carries baby in towel to small bed; CU woman's hands placing newborn onto small table, places oxygen on baby's face.
CU bold numbered clock at 7:31; pull back to MS clock with swinging pendulum; clock on wall in center of United States relief map.
VS heavy road construction machinery in desert; MS man filling construction machinery with gasoline; CU man's hand holding gas nozzle, pumping gasoline into vehicle's tank (removes nozzle); Worker lubing bolt on construction machinery; CU man's hand lubing large bolt (grease covers bolt, hand removes tool); VS large crane dumping dirt into bed of dumpster; wind blown dirt creates thick dust; construction machinery spouting black sooty smoke while driving through desert; large metal scoop (supported by cables) moves through the air, lowers to ground and scoops up mass of dirt; 2 large tractors pass, pulling large, rock crushing rollers behind them; VS trucks and construction machinery pass by bulldozer pushing mound of dirt; man (wearing cowboy hat) maneuvering large stick shifts; pushes forward to CU large mound of dirt.
MS clock on wall at 8:38; pans down to male executive sitting at desk writing; CU man's hand (holding pen) writing at bottom of typed page; Male executive, seated at desk, hands piece of paper to secretary; secretary takes paper and walks to adjacent office where man sits at desk writing; woman hands him piece of paper; he takes the paper and begins to read; CU man looking at piece of paper; he begins to tap telegraph lever; CU man's hand tapping a small telegraph lever.
LS workers walking around indoor oil pumps; man turning valve wheel on large oil pump; ECU profile male worker wearing hat and glasses (chewing gum) turning valve o.s.; CU pressure gauge indicating '350'; curved steel pipes forming tunnel effect (pipes lead to oil tank).
LS people walking toward propeller airplane on airport tarmac; CU public address speaker on wall; MS people walking inside airport, TWA counter in BG, people seated in FG, old horse buggy on display in lobby; CU 2 men (wearing suits) sitting and talking while gathering their belongings, rise and walk toward glass showcase displaying model of 'covered wagon'; they converse as they look; CU glass showcase displaying 'covered wagon'; display card indicates "Conestoga Wagon"; MS airplane passengers filing toward door of waiting area, 2 men walk away from glass showcase (displaying model wagon) toward door, one man hands coat to other, they shake hands as one exits; Low angle passengers climbing stairs to airplane, they look out waving and blowing kisses; MS passengers standing atop silver, steel stairway waiting to get on plane; MS mechanic atop wing, fueling airplane (fuel truck parked beneath wing, plane seen approaching in distance); CU mechanic atop airplane wing measuring amount of gas in tank with dip stick, closes tank, rises and walks away; airplane taxis down runway and takes off; MS airplane flying above clouds.
Low angle CU American flag gently blowing in breeze (trees in BG); pan to high angle children playing in the park on swing sets and see-saws.
MS children sitting on stairs in front of schoolhouse while others run toward entrance; convertible car drives up, mother drops off her 2 children with a kiss; waves good-bye and drives o.s.; pulls from curbside and drives down street through commercial district.
Tracking shot (woman) driving Ford convertible through residential area; car pulls up to gas pumps at "Citation" service station; attendant approaches driver, looks at her gas gauge, walks to pump and turns it on; attendant places nozzle in gas tank; CU woman sitting in convertible, looks back over shoulder, smiling and talking; MCU attendant stooping to pump gas (reading o.s. meter); CU gas pump meter indicating dollars, cents and gallons (28 1/2 cents/gallon); ECU car steering wheel, woman's hands close purse and her face enters frame, leaning out window and smiling; she talks to attendant checking tires in FG as attendant in BG finishes pumping gas; attendant approaches car to give her change, she takes it with a smile and attendant polishes top of car door, they smile as she drives o.s.; attendant watches woman drive off and he turns around, smiling, and walks passed pumps toward building ('Citation' gas pump and white sedan prominent).
CU sign indicating "Ed Felix Owner."
Man (leaning against gas pump) watching cars drive passed (from behind); auto and bus traffic on small town street; gas station attendant (standing beside 'Citation' gas pump) writing on slip of paper; black sedan, driven by older man, pulls up to gas pump and attendant approaches, conversing; sets down pen and paper; CU older, balding man, wearing glasses, leaning out car window and talking while looking over shoulder; CU man's face smiling and talking (while pumping gas o.s.); CU man's hand holding gas nozzle, then pulling it out of tank; CU attendant standing upright and raising gas pump nozzle.
Boldly numbered clock (against textured wall, actually a relief map of U.S.) indicating 10:24, pendulum swings.
MS airplane flying through clouds; view of ground below.
LS white ranch house (cars parked in front, person entering).
2 men working at drafting tables (beside table is drinking water cooler and sign, leaning against wall, indicating "Explosives Keep Away!"; man wearing hat and sunglasses enters frame and converses with one of the draftsmen; smiling, they plans or blueprints spread on drafting table; smiling man (wearing open collared shirt and black sport jacket) looking down, talking and pointing at something on table in front of him; he and man standing behind drafting table turn around and look at large map behind them on wall; they study map briefly (pointing and talking), then turn back to drafting table and begin discussing blueprint or plans on table top again; CU drawing of circles within circles atop drafting table, man's hand enters frame with straight edge and draws straight line through center of circles, then removes straight edge.
LS 2 trucks sitting in barren setting (tire tracks in dirt lead uphill); MS car approaching well drilling truck in barren setting (men digging dirt beside truck), car stops, man gets out and approaches workers (mountains in BG); worker standing beside truck, digging a trench, as water flows from hose; 2 other workers and man in suit stand talking behind truck (man, wearing suit, scratches itchy leg); ECU drilling tool rotating in puddle of muddy water (moving shadows cast over puddle); Low angle CU large cables and oil drilling equipment being lowered; CU spinning oil drilling pump; LS oil drilling truck parked barren setting (man, wearing hard hat, talking on field phone in FG); CU man, wearing hard hat, talking on phone (truck in BG); CU dynamite plunger, hand enters frame and activates plunger; LS dirty water spewing from ground as men in FG observe (one of them talking on field phone), water stops spewing, man runs out to field as other man (in FG) hangs up phone; CU man wearing hat and sunglasses looking up and squinting; ECU dirty water spewing in air showering debris.
2 men working at drafting tables, one looks up smiling as man in suit enters room and walks to rear drafting table (beside table is drinking water cooler and sign, leaning against wall, indicating "Explosives Keep Away!"); man sitting at drafting table working with straightedge; CU man's hand working with pen and straightedge drawing on piece of paper.
VS oil drilling rig; men working around base of drilling rig; 3 workers (wearing hard hats) rolling steel pipes (oil drill in BG); men standing around an operating oil drill, watching drilling.
VS oil well as large piece of equipment lowers, ECU oil equipment lowering to ground, men grabbing rigging, drill rises from ground; LS oil well in field; VS man approaching and turning large oil valve (oil well in BG); Oil derrick.
Man standing on platform, car parked in FG (sign on door indicates "Texas Railroad Commission, Oil and Gas Division"); man exits car, walks up stairs to greet man on platform; 2 men pointing at something o.s., talking and smiling; VS 2 oil wells; oil derrick drilling at base of oil well; 2 men talking on platform as one with tape reel measures amount of oil in tank, he pulls measuring tape from tank and wipes it with towel.
VS oil recycling plant with refining towers; 4 ball-shaped oil tanks; CU ball-shaped oil tank surrounded by access platforms.
2 men talking (one seated on stairs, other leaning against car opening wrapper of sandwich from brown bag lunch); man, wearing hat and glasses, taking bite of sandwich.
Airplane in flight (highway visible below).
VS wheat harvesters with large, rotating blades; expansive corn field (farm on hillside surrounded by trees in BG); 2 men (wearing hats) standing and talking in shoulder-high corn field, pointing at something o.s.; men driving farm machinery through field harvesting corn; CU blade cutting corn stalks; CU harvested corn dropping into large bin; 2 men driving tractor through field collecting hay; CU farm vehicle collecting hay; 3 men riding tractor, one man bucks bail of hay.
LS farm house, barn and silo (fence and tree in FG).
Woman standing on steps of white house as man with natural gas tank on hand cart enters; low angle CU woman standing in front of door (clothesline visible); woman stands on steps, watching man change gas tank beside house, then enters house.
VS man spraying pesticide on orange trees.
CU clock pendulum swinging (textured wall in BG), pan up to bold numbered clock indicating 2:00.
LS oil refinery (trees in FG); VS refinery towers; man walking up deck ladder of refinery.
LS men (held by cables) painting side of oil tank; MS man painting oil tank; CU profile man (wearing hardhat), his hand painting long strokes as he squints; VS oil refinery with smoke belching from tower, pipes and tubing, oil tanks; VS man (wearing hardhat) painting valve amidst oil pipes.
LS oil refinery, smokestack in BG belching fire and black smoke (pipes in FG indicate "#6 Fuel Oil," "Diesel," "Kerosene" and "Aviation Gasoline."
CU railroad tank cars rolling passed oil tank; train passes revealing oil refinery in BG.
MS "Younger" oil tankers fueling up and driving past oil refinery tanks.
LS oil supertanker; oil hose leading to tanker; VS men working on deck of tanker; VS men turning large valves; muscular man turning large valve; man walking on platform.
MS oil barge on Mississippi River; LS 2 oil barges slowly passing each other on Mississippi River.
LS boat pulling into port in lower New York (indistinguishable skyline); ship in port ("America" inscribed on its side); VS 2 men on deck tugging rope to raise large, heavy hose.
High angle LS cars driving on super highway (city in BG); cars driving on tree-lined two-way highway; VS heavy auto traffic; LS cars driving along stacked highway (New Jersey approach to Lincoln Tunnel, New York City skyline in BG); cars driving on highway (log fence in FG); high angle LS cars driving on highway interchange.
05:22:00:00 - 05:22:41:00 Women working in oil canning plant; VS oil cans at different stages of processing on conveyor belt intercut with cars driving on streets, stacked highways, freeways, rural highways and through toll booths; LS car driving down narrow, paved road surrounded by open field (hills in BG).
Bold numbered clock, indicating 4:42, with pendulum swinging (clock on textured wall map of United States; ECU clock.
2 chemists working in chemistry lab, one picks up flask to inspect fluid inside; CU chemist looking at fluid, sets beaker down, places tube onto one of the vials before him; CU man's hand holding glass vial and tube, he touches small flame to vial and lights tip of it, attaches to another vial and fluid rises and bubbles; CU chemists, inspecting fluids, screened by vials and beakers; VS chemist inspecting experiments; CU man's hand holding thermometer immersed in vial of boiling liquid; chemist doing experiment and peering through microscope.
CU grocery cart (containing pineapple, box of crackers, etc.) rolls through clothes detergent aisle (brands of detergent shown include "Ivory Snow," "Vel," "Fab," "Oxydol," "Duz" and "Det"); woman's hand selects box of "Det" and places it in cart; woman rolling cart through appetizer aisle, she selects package of cheese and continues, looking at the food; CU her hand picking up package of "Hickory Smoked" bacon; CU her hand picking up milk carton, continues down aisle (mother and small boy shopping in BG); woman standing at checkout aisle in "Shopwell" grocery store; CU woman gets money from purse as clerk enters prices into register, her hands counting money; clerk hands her receipt; CU cash register as amounts ring in; register reads "0.92 Grocery," "0.65, Grocery" and "4.98 Total."
ECU boldly numbered clock; pull back to reveal CU clock indicating 5:45; pan down to pendulum swinging against textured wall.
VS men working in electric power plant maintaining generating equipment; worker lubing pistons.
2 men working; one reading graph charts, the other adjusting bank of gauges; CU wattage and amperage gauges.
CU man's hand shifting large hand brake lever.
VS hands turning lights on (overhead lights, desk lamps, reading lights, chandeliers).
VS illuminated signs, ie., "Subway I.R.T.," "Roseland" marquee, "China Doll" restaurant, "Roller Skating Gay Blades," "Bop City" featuring Count Basie, neon horses, "Kleenex" neon display and Times Square (at night) featuring "Chevrolet" sign prominently (atop what is now the Newsday building) and illuminated news marque (the "Zipper").
VS airport runway on very dark night (scattered dots of light), service vehicle(?) passes, airplane lands.
House with one light on, light goes out (dark, grainy shot); LS car at gas station on dark night (gas station lights are on), car drives from gas station and attendant enters building.
Silhouette of airplane flying above electric power lines (dark, grainy shot).
Eerie, shadows cast on sides of 3 large, round oil tanks at night.
Lights scattered against dark, night sky.
Illuminated portholes of oil tanker at sea (dark, grainy shot).
Man, seated in darkness in dimly lit bridge of oil tanker, sipping coffee; 2 men talking in shadows.
Oil well in Gulf of Mexico (dark, grainy shot).
VS men, wearing hard hats, working at night on oil drilling rig.
Int. oil pumping facility operating at night (dark, grainy shot).
CU pressure gauge hovering between 320-340 lbs.
CU boldly numbered clock indicating 12:00.
VS inc. CU oil derricks and wells operating on dark night.
Title Card: "The End"

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Reviewer: Issue TV - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 26, 2014
Subject: seeking rights to use clip in documentary film
Hi, I am seeking the rights to use a piece of this film in a non-profit educational documentary film. Please advise. Thank you
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